nose pickins


(i still have to put on the drawer pull -a limonata cap: yellow w/a red star-
& i might add a little more glitter glue in a few spots but really, its FINISHED!)


i garbage picked it around the end of august & wasnt really sure why i did.
it was sage green w/patchwork ducks on it & altho i knew i could paint
it or whatever, i kinda felt like i didnt NEED it...but it was FREE &
it was nicely made & in great shape & sturdy so i took it.
it sat for a couple weeks b4 i decided to decoupage it & then i totally abandoned
it for like 2MONTHS in the middle of messing with it... i was kinda stuck on what
to do on the sides & where i was going to put it. i used ribbon on the sides
& since we moved stuff around in the plant room, ive got a perfect spot for
it right under the light above the rubber tree!! it should be dry by tomorrow
& i cant fucking wait to hang it up!!!

i made this one:
in like 2 days around halloweentime to hang over the vanity in my
bedroom since the mirror that originally went with it broke ages ago.
all the materials didnt cost more than $10 & i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

im working on another project right now too & have an idea for a few more!
even if i dont have a job, @ least im keeping myself busy doing something other than netflix/dvr!
(& i have good excuses for why i never want to leave the house & why i stay up all night!)