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lachupacabra's Journal

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$5 black gold slots, 3d invisibles, 70s horror movies, alice vachss, andre the giant, andrew vachss, antique dark rides, baby fleas, bad figgy, bauhaus, big blood, biting witches, bloodshot bill, bright purple eyeshadow, burt's beeswax lipstuff, butthole surfers, cephalopods, constant comment tea w/cream, country bob &the bloodfarmers, crazy pills, creepy-ness, cspwdt, diamanda galas, divine, drive-ins, eating the purple berries, ecstasy, film threat, fucking shit up, gamblers anonymous, gambling, ghosts, giving head, grey moonstones, gummi octos & brains, guys in fishnet stockings, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, hedwig, herbert west, jack klugman, jerry vile, jim flora, jo stafford, joe r. lansdale, john waters, johnny frankenstein, king khan, lloyd kaufman's politics, lucius malfoy-naked, lydia lunch, mdma, michael o'donoghue, misseh nena chinapants, moles & voles, mrs. subhadra unis, mrs. unis's spicy foods, my nona, never tease a weasel, not gambling, parliament lights soft packs, pcb & other dioxins, pink bear, poustaki, rabbit&skunk&the scary rock, raw prawn, sir graves ghastly, sleeping with windows open, slim whitman, snape/malfoy/tentacles, spooky shite, st. rita, subgenius, thai horror movie posters, the cramps, the ghoul, the handsome family, the jesus lizard, the tiger lillies, tom waits, topping rotten bratty sub-boys, tourist trap, trailer park boys, trey/matt, trtl, weird clip art, wesley willis, willum hopfrog pugmire, wrath james white